Garden Aethetics

Crowley Station Community Garden is sited on public space and sponsored by a partnership between the First Settlement Neighborhood and the Madison Water Utility with the shared goals of greening this space and expanding its appeal and functionality.  In addition to providing a space for garden members to grow and harvest food, the garden will serve as a demonstration to the public of gardening practices in general and community gardens in particular, and is expected to promote increased access and use by the public who will find the space more beautiful, welcoming, and interesting than before the garden’s existence.

Because of this multi-part mission, special consideration has been given to the garden design, and must be given to the garden’s appearance during the growing season.  Gardeners are expected to share this consideration by maintaining a tidy appearance for their beds, controlling the height of mature plants so to not unduly block the view, ensuring that their plots do not bear weight on the existing rails (plants may climb/wind the railings, but no planters or trellises may be affixed), and  reporting and assisting in situations where other beds are showing signs of neglect. When purchasing structural materials to enhance plots, gardeners should look for sturdy, beautiful materials that suggest permanence and that reinforce the tranquility of the existing features. Gardeners may select their own materials that are consistent with the project aesthetic.

Aesthetic questions or concerns should be directed/reported to the Maintenance Director.


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