Leadership & Organization

Crowley Station Community Garden thrives because its members and community partners love the garden and work hard to make it succeed. Every member should feel empowered to share their ideas, thoughts, and criticisms. Members who want to give back to the garden can volunteer to serve as a leader. Leaders serve between 1-5 years in a multitude of positions. No leader has come to their position as an expert; many have no prior experience in a garden setting. Leadership only requires a love of the garden and the time to dedicate to making it awesome!

As a leader, you should expect:

  • To attend monthly garden meetings
  • To lend a helping hand to the other leaders
  • To be welcoming and inclusive towards members
  • To inspire members to get involved with the decision making process
  • To spend time in the google email, drive, and website (previous leaders can show you how!)

2018 Leadership Team

Please attempt to contact leaders first through the garden: CrowleyStationGarden@gmail.com & (608) 571-5175

Danni Lang, Chair, danni.niles@gmail.com
Brad Lang, Education Coordinator, bradleyjlang@gmail.com
Cassie Chulick, Socail Coordinator, cassiechulick@gmail.com
Alex Glover, Treasurer, alexdglover@gmail.com


Coordinates other leaders and administrative tasks by: running monthly meetings, handling general communications, representing the garden to community partners, and standing as the emergency contact.

Education Coordinator

Seeks to share the gardening resources and knowledge that will assist members in having a successful growing season by: organizing workshops/speakers, planting a demonstration plot in the Becky Selleck Memorial, coordinating donations of harvests to the Grace Episcopal Food Pantry, monitors the compost bin, and connecting members to each other through mentoring partnership.

Social Coordinator

Seeks to make the garden a fun and inclusive community space by: coordinating social events, publicizing events, creating a newsletter and blog, updating social media, and encouraging members to get involved.


Monitors all financial matters of the garden: pays bills (especially the water bills & insurance) manage donations, collects fees, returns security deposits, and prepares an annual report

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