Leadership & Organization

2016 Executive Team

Communications Director

Emma Sams, greenearthgirl4@gmail.com


Brad Lang, bradleyjlang@gmail.com

Membership Director & Co-Chair

Krista Farrell, kristafarrell12@gmail.com

Maintenance Director

Grayson Smith, graymatter444@gmail.com

Educational Director

Danna Olsen, dannajolsen@gmail.com

Leadership Roles


  • Serve as a back-up to the Communications Director as a contact person.
  • Lead Executive Team meetings.
  • Facilitate elections.
  • Be point person on Social Event planning.

Communications Director

  • Serve as first contact person for the garden to the water utilities, First Settlement neighborhood group, DCGG, and the public.
  • Assist other Executives in contacting members when needed.
  • Maintain the garden’s website and blog.
  • Keeps minutes of the Executive Team meetings.
  • Strives to keep the Executive Team’s work transparent to the rest of the garden and the public.


  • Manage the garden’s bank account.
  • Make purchases approved by the Executive Team for new supplies or materials.
  • Collect and record member plot fees and security deposits.
  • Keep accurate records of the garden’s finances
  • Present a yearly report of finances at garden closing.
  • Seek out grants and other funding for garden projects.

Maintenance Director

  • Keep a close eye on the garden with weekly check-ins for any repairs or clean-up that is needed.
  • Maintain a list of possible solo tasks that can be used as volunteer hours if members cannot attend enough work parties.
  • Keep track of which members haven’t worked on their plots by the Maintenance Notice.
  • Work with members who do not keep their plots tidy to find solutions that work for them and enforce the garden aesthetics.

Membership Director

  • Plan and implement different work parties throughout the year to assure the garden is well taken care of.
  • Keep track of the volunteer hours each member puts in.
  • Maintain member contact information and wait list.
  • Coordinates yearly Registration.
  • Leads yearly work on updating Handbook.

Educational Director

  • Assist members in learning how to garden.
  • Plan, plant, and care for the education plot. Harvests from the education plot will go to the Grace Episcopal Church Food Pantry.
  • Create and implement programs or materials for the public on the benefits of community gardens and gardening in general.
  • Role is a creative and dynamic position that can be as big or small as the person and garden chooses it to be year from year.

General Guidelines

The Executive Team consists of five positions. Two of these positions will also serve as co-Chairs. Each person can serve as a maximum of two roles. They work individually on certain projects, and as a whole to keep the garden thriving and adaptable to the changes in the community. Each term is one year.

While the duties are defined specifically for each position, all Executive Team members assist as back-up to each other and can be contacted by any to address questions and concerns. Executive Team members are encouraged to have been a member of CSCG for at least one year or have other similar gardening or community group leadership experience before offering to serve. Elections are held at Closing Day in November and run by the current Co-Chairs. The new Executive Team will start the transition process in December. In the event that a leader cannot finish their term, the Executive Team will work together to find a replacement or share the duties until elections are held.


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