Member Expectations

Ensuring enjoyable gardening experience for all of the garden community is the primary goal of these rules and responsibilities. For this reason, observe the rules of the garden, and be a good neighbor. The garden should be a safe place for the community, children, and other gardeners. Do not bring anything that will compromise the safety of the garden.

The garden’s leadership team has the duty of enforcing rules and making decisions for the garden. They have authority to resolve conflicts, including refusing a plot to a gardener or dismissing a current gardener.

Please check the bulletin board & website for information concerning the garden – events, information, notices. Feel free to post information you have and leave messages for other gardeners there.

Be mindful of your water usage. Plant drought hardy plants, mulch, and conserve wherever possible. Use water from the rain barrel first before getting water from the well spigot.

Gardeners must apply each year for a plot but returning gardeners in good standing will be given first preference and permitted to keep the same plot if they wish.

You are responsible for 4 hours of volunteer work (contributing to the upkeep of the whole garden). Volunteer hours can be completed from the garden task list, asking your mentor for tasks, attending a garden event, attending one monthly garden meeting (max 1 hour), and watering someone else’s plot (max 1 hour).

Generally, visit your plot at least once each week. If you are unable to care for your plot for a time because of illness or vacation, ask a fellow gardener or email the garden for help with weeding and harvesting.

If you decide not to use your plot, please contact the garden email so it may be reassigned to someone on the waiting list. If there is no evidence of activity at your plot and no contact can be made, it will be reassigned. There are no refunds on plot fees paid.

If your plot is overgrown with weeds, you will receive a warning. After one week of no action, your plot may be cleared and reassigned.

Biodegradable mulch such as compost, leaves, straw, and hay are encouraged. Carpet mulch is not allowed. No wood chips as mulch. They do not biodegrade quickly.

Please do not plant trees, full sized corn, full sized sunflowers, or other items that will block the light or view for others. Be mindful of plants that have a tendency to spread like dill, mint, raspberries, jerusalem artichokes, or comfrey and ensure they do not migrate to your neighbor’s plot by removing seed heads, ect..

Be mindful that CSCG is in a very public space and plots need to appear tidy. Avoid any brightly colored or unsightly decorations or structures in your plot. Personal signs and postings are not allowed.

Keep vines and visitors out of neighboring plots. Communicate with your neighbors if there is a problem with encroaching plants.

Do not use the railing to support plants or tie anything to the railing.

If you have a surplus of vegetables or fruits, please contact the Education Coordinator. Weekly donations are made to Grace Episcopal Food Pantry.

Do not harvest, weed, or tend your neighbor’s garden even if you think they have neglected their plot without explicit permission.

The garden is not available for commercial use; don’t sell your produce.

If you use the garden’s tools (including the water key!), please return them to the storage bench when done and ensure locks are secured.

Any large amounts of trash should be removed from the garden and deposited off-site. Any weeds or diseased plants should be removed from the site and properly disposed of. Any disease-free plant clippings can be added to the compost tumbler. Members are permitted to add food scraps to the compost. Brown/green material ratio will be managed by the Leadership Team.

Never use any herbicides (weedkillers) and pesticides. Ask the Education Coordinator if you have questions about a product. The Leadership Team and Dane County Extension at 224-3700 can give safe pest-control advice.

Opening Day & Closing Day are required events in order for members to remain in good standing. Please communicate with garden leadership as soon as possible if a conflict makes it impossible to attend.

Member Resources on the Garden Google Drive

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