Yearly Schedule

*Some dates might change from year to year and events can be added. Please contact an leadership team member if you have questions.


Online February & March

Garden Opening Day

Around the First Outdoor Farmer’s Market: Mid April

Elections & Garden Closing

Last Outdoor Farmer’s Market: Mid November

Leadership Team Transition & Planning



The registration form is due before Opening Day and is filled out online. All returning and new members must fill out a registration form. An email is sent to all members in April with this form and details about Opening Day.

Garden Opening Day

Opening Day generally occurs on the same Saturday as the first outdoor farmer’s market. This will be a social event to meet the garden leadership team and fellow gardeners. All plot fees and security deposits are given to the Treasurer. Plots will be assigned. We will conduct new member orientation. Members will be encouraged to help ​prepare the garden for the growing season. Gardeners will have a chance to meet with the Educational Director if they have questions on how to get started. This is a required event for all members.

Maintenance Notice

Any plots that have not been visibly cared for or planted will receive a notice from the leadership team. They will have one week to rectify the situation. If no progress is made, their plot fees and security deposit are forfeit and the plot will be given to someone on the wait list. If there is no one on the wait list, another member or the Educational Director can ask for the space.

Work Parties

Throughout the growing season, the leadership team may  schedule work parties for members to collectively improve the garden space, create community, and educate the public. These events can be used to satisfy member volunteer hours. Members are expected to volunteer at least four hours each year.

Social Events & Workshops

Members are welcome to plan social events or workshops. Some events in the past have included Make Music Madison, Yoga, Planting Day, Compost Workshops, Herb Workshops, Social Hours at local bars, and Seed Starting Workshops.

Elections & Leadership Transition

The Leadership Team is in charge of making sure the garden is a welcoming place and runs efficiently. Sometimes positions change or duties shift depending on who is able to serve. Positions are often filled at winter monthly garden meetings based on who has shown interest in serving.

All positions are considered open every season except the role of Chair. This person will be appointed from the current leadership team. This allows for some continuity between seasons in the case that the elected leadership team consists of all new people.

Members may hold no more than two positions. Transition between former and new leaders will occur over the winter months and the new Leadership Team will start serving the following spring.

Garden Closing

One last work party will be held to ensure that beds, tools, compost, and the garden space are ready for the winter. Security deposits will be returned to members in good standing. This is a required garden event for all members. 

Winter Planning

Leadership Team members will receive needed materials for their position (the new treasurer will be added to the bank account, educational materials will be handed over, etc.). The Leadership Team will plan the following year by creating goals for the garden, seeking outside funding sources if needed, establishing pathways of communication with necessary community entities and making any necessary changes to the website and welcome packet. Members and neighbors are welcome to attend these meetings as well.

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