Crowley Station Community Garden membership is open to all members of the public. Registration for returning members in good standing is due on March 1. New members are encouraged to send in their registration forms as soon as possible. After March 1, the Membership Director will have a better idea of availability for new members. Please fill out the Registration form here. If you have difficulty accessing the form please email us at Crowley Station Community Garden is fairly small and serves about 12-20 members each year. If there is not space for you in the current growing season, the Membership Director will let you know that you have been moved to the wait list and what your next steps will be.

Plot Assignments

Plot assignments will be given in first come, first serve in the following order of preference:
1.  Members in good standing from the previous season
2.  Those on the wait list from last year, preference for downtown neighborhoods
3.  New members, preference for downtown neighborhoods
4.  Members not in good standing

There is one “no-bend” plot for those with need. Please mark your registration form if you’d like to request this plot. Keep in mind that the site itself has a few steps. After you receive your assignment, you can see which bed is yours on our Garden Map. Plots are named for streets found in the First Settlement Neighborhood.

Plot Size

There are two sizes of plots at Crowley Station. Large plots are defined as a two-foot by eight-foot raised bed. A small bed is a 2′ diameter round planter. The size of the plot will help determine your plot fees.

Plot Fees

Plot fees are due yearly at the Garden Opening Day and are non-refundable. A $20 security deposit is necessary to secure a plot of any size and will be returned if the gardener ends the season in good standing (completing volunteer hours, etc). For those who are able, donations beyond the required fees are greatly appreciated, and will help fund future improvements to Crowley Station Community Garden. If multiple gardeners are using a single plot, please add all incomes together to determine plot fee.

Use the following sliding scale based on your total annual income to determine your plot fee. A similar fee scale is used in other community gardens in Madison, Wisconsin and was adjusted for the size of gardens available.

Total Annual Income




Small Plot




Large Plot




Volunteer Hours

Each member is required to put in four volunteer work hours. Work hours can be completed by attending scheduled workdays or by arranging an individual or group project with the Volunteer Coordinator.  If hours are not completed by closing day, the $20 security deposit paid at registration will be forfeited. It is the gardeners responsibility to report volunteer hours to the volunteer coordinator. Any unreported hours cannot be counted.

Membership Agreements

When you sign up for a plot at Crowley Station Community Garden you are agreeing to adhere to the policies in the handbook. Since this is a public space you understand that there is a risk of theft and vandalism. You understand the Water Utility reserves the right to restrict access to the gardens and to relocate or remove items from the deck in order to perform required maintenance at the site. In an emergency this could happen with very little or no notice. You agree that you will be diligent in caring for your plot and the garden as a whole. You agree to work with the other members to create a beautiful, productive, and welcoming garden.


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