How the Garden Works

Please see the Waitlist/Contact tab to complete a waitlist form and for updates on the status of the waitlist.

Plots are assigned as follows: 
1.  Members in good standing from the previous season
2.  Those on the waitlist, in the order in which they signed up. 

Crowley Station Community Garden membership is open to all.

After you receive your assignment, you can see which bed is yours on our Garden Map. Plots are named for streets found in the First Settlement Neighborhood.



There is one “no-bend” plot for those with need (plot #6). Please notify the leadership team if you’d like to request this plot. The site itself has a few steps. 

So that CSCG can be accessible to all in our community, a gardener who needs to modify some requirements (such as the volunteer hours or meeting attendance) as part of an accommodation should notify the garden coordinators.

Plot Size

Each plot is a two-by-eight foot raised bed. 

Plot Fees

Plot fees are due yearly before Garden Opening Day and are non-refundable. If multiple gardeners are using a single plot, please add all incomes together to determine the plot fee. Use the following sliding scale based on the total annual income to determine your plot fee. The scale is similar to that used in other community gardens in Madison, WI but is reduced because our plots are smaller. 

Total Annual Income Less than
$21,050 –
More than
Plot Fee$15$25$50$100

If you are able, please make a small additional donation to help fund future improvements to Crowley Station Community Garden.

Volunteer Hours

We expect that each able member will contribute about six volunteer hours.  This is less than one hour a month for the growing season.  After the first year, members are expected to assume some leadership duties if that is needed. Members will receive a link for a form to report volunteer hours.

Membership Agreements

When you sign up for a plot at Crowley Station Community Garden you agree to adhere to the policies in the Membership Guidelines and on this website. Because this is a public space there is a risk of theft and vandalism. You understand the Water Utility reserves the right to restrict access to the gardens and to relocate or remove items from the deck in order to perform required maintenance at the site. In an emergency this could happen with very little or no notice. You agree that you will be diligent in caring for your plot and the garden as a whole. There are other agreements each member accepts in the registration form. You agree to work with the other members to create a beautiful, productive, and welcoming garden.

Current information for members

The most up to date information is here: Membership Resources on Garden Google Drive.


Due to Covid-19 and a smaller leadership team, events are severely reduced for the 2021 season. Be sure to practice social distancing when you visit the garden and bring your own tools and supplies to further the slow of Covid-19. You will find all event details in the Membership Guidelines that was emailed to current gardeners.