• A Garden for Every Gardener

    Crowley Station Crowley Station Community Gardens are located in the heart of downtown Madison and are located on a concrete platform at 201 S Hancock St. The gardens offer each member a raised garden bed approximately 8′ x 2′. There are 13 raised beds, several planter pots, and one raised bed reserved for educational use. … Continue reading A Garden for Every Gardener

  • 2021 Garden Season

    Welcome to the new gardening season! Please follow CDC and city public health guidelines when you come to the garden. Wear a mask when others are around, and bring your own tools if you have concerns about sharing. If you have received a garden assignment from us, you are welcome to begin as soon as … Continue reading 2021 Garden Season

  • 2020 Garden Season

    In this stressful moment, I know that many of you are looking forward to getting out into the garden this spring. Right now, Crowley Station Community Garden is able to remain open. The season will just look a bit different than previous years. All garden members are welcome to begin as soon as we receive … Continue reading 2020 Garden Season

  • Autumn Gardening: Planting Garlic!

    If you’re planning to continue gardening with us at CSCG for the 2018 season, it’s time to get your garlic cloves in some soil! Garlic is typically planted in the Fall and harvested the following summer. Our raised garden beds are sunny, rich, and well-drained; which is perfect for garlic. Garlic should be planted 6 … Continue reading Autumn Gardening: Planting Garlic!

  • Sauerkraut: from the ground up

    Hi gardeners! As you are plotting your new garden this spring, it’s great to think about long term projects.  Planning plants that you can preserve later is a great way to use your bountiful harvest and reduce waste! There are three primary methods to preserve your harvest later on: canning, freezing, and pickling/fermenting.  If you … Continue reading Sauerkraut: from the ground up

  • Garden updates

      Hi gardeners! About a month ago we had our opening day at the garden. I apologize for not having a post up sooner about it, but it’s been a busy month. We had great turnout and it was great to meet so many new people. A few people planted their gardens that day and … Continue reading Garden updates

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