As we approach our first Winter storm this year, I was reminded of the perfect Autumn day we had for Closing Crowley Station Community Garden. November 7, 2015 was chilly, a little windy, but super sunny. The garden was filled with happy chatter and busy hands.

To put our garden beds to rest (did you see Danna’s post last week about the workshop?), we tried something a little new this year. There is limited space for composting materials at the garden. Our raised beds also need a fair amount of compost each year. Why not make our own compost directly in our beds? To do this we dug a deep trench into every bed along the railing side whenever possible. Into this trench we put all the organic matter that wasn’t being kept for Spring (IE garlic, carrots, some herbs). We also added some partial compost to these trenches. Then we buried the organic matter. Finally, we planted a cover crop of Red Clover to protect the soil during the Winter and early Spring. It’s an experiment that we are hopeful will work smoothly.

We also held elections for next year’s leadership team. Congrats to our new leaders, and thank you to those who served in 2015! The results are in:

  • Co-Chair: TBA
  • Maintenance Director: Grayson Smith
  • Membership Director: Krista Farrell
  • Tresurer: Brad Lang
  • Communications Director: Emma Sams
  • Educational Director: Danna Olsen

Closing Day was also a great time to enjoy a small potluck and chat with friends about our successes and failures of the garden season. Many mourned the losses due to theft this year. Others were impressed with how much they grew for their first year gardening. We also pooled our last veggies together that weren’t going to be used personally to do a big donation to the Food Pantry (picture seen above). It was mostly carrots, swiss chard, green tomatoes, kale, and other cold hardy plants.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of our community this year. We loved gardening with you!

Next garden meeting: December 3, 2015 7PM at Barriques ALL ARE WELCOME!


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