A Garden for Every Gardener

Crowley Station

Crowley Station Community Gardens are located in the heart of downtown Madison and are located on a concrete platform at 201 S Hancock St. The gardens offer each member a raised garden bed approximately 8′ x 2′. There are 13 raised beds, several planter pots, and one raised bed reserved for educational use.

These gardens are perfect for gardeners living downtown that desire their own small piece of land to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables that do not require too much space. There are a variety of community gardens to be found in Madison, with varying sizes, requirements, and locations! The website danegardens.net and the map below are a great way to explore local gardens in the area.

Blair Street Gardens

If your interest in gardening extends beyond vegetables, please contact Blair Street Gardens, which has been beautifying the Isthmus since 1985: blairstreetgardens.org

Community Gardens on the Isthmus

To learn about other Community Gardens on the Isthmus, see: danegardens.net/madison-isthmus

Community Gardens Map